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Testing fundraising pages

If you use WePay for your payment processor, you can test out fundraising pages without spending real money by adding the test_mode=true argument to your fundraising page or widget URLs. When donating in text mode, WePay is bypassed, so your card is never charged and a our receipts will show a charge of $0.00.

For example, a link such as will allow you to test donations without your card being charged.

Similarly, if you add the argument to our widget code, you can use a widget without spending real money, such as:

<script>window.yepnope || document.write('<script src=""><\/script>');</script><script src=''></script><div id='can-fundraising-area-your-fundraising-page' style='width: 100%'><!-- this div is the target for our HTML insertion --></div>
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