Action Network Help & FAQs

Searching for activists on your list

You can search for individual activists on your list by going to the "Activists" link, the gateway to our basic Contact Relationship Management (CRM) functionality, available from the "Start Organizing" menu at the top of your screen in the second column.

Once there, choose the list you'd like to search on, either your personal list or any groups you have the Activist permission for. Then, you can either search for an activist or browse through the results of a report you've previously created.

To search, type a name, full email address, or address (street, city, state, ZIP/postal code, or country) in the search box and click "Search".  Otherwise, we will return partial matches, so searching for "john" will get people named John, Johnny, or Johnson, as well as emails with the letters "john" in them.

To browse report results, click the "Or load a report..." link underneath the search box and choose a report you've previously made targeting this list from the menu and click "Load Report". Every user targeted by that report will be loaded in the results section.

Once you have results, you can use the magnifying glass in the list to instant-search, narrowing down our options further. Click the "View/Edit Record" button to view that activist's record.

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