Action Network Help & FAQs

Is it really free to individuals and small groups?

Yes, it really is!

The Action Network is a nonprofit with a mission to help progressives win campaigns. We want to build a network of organizers all using the Action Network to win on issues they care about, so we've made our online toolset free for individuals and small groups so they can get access to top-of-the-line online tools even if they don't have the resources to purchase a toolset from the usual for-profit vendors.

Our toolset is free for individuals and small groups, full-featured, and you own your own data, so you can always take it with you to any other toolset if you want. There are a few features we reserve for larger groups like uploading a list, custom page and email wrappers, but talk to us if you want access -- we're a mission-driven nonprofit, so we make exceptions.

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