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How can I work with another organizer on the Action Network?

With most toolsets, even if your ally down the block is using the same toolset as you, that doesn't make it any easier to work together, publish joint actions, or share email lists and names. We think that's silly.

The Action Network offers a few ways for organizers to work together so they can help each other bring their campaigns to scale and success.

First, once you sign up for an account, you can choose your referrer code (or a code for a group you're an administrator of) on thank you pages, which tags every share feature on the system -- like Facebook share buttons or email links -- with your unique referrer code. When activists click those links and take action, they will be added to both your list and the list of the person who created the action (unless the activist specifically opts out). This means that if you see a great petition on the Action Network that you think your email list or your Facebook page would be interested in, choose the referrer code from the dropdown, grab the link, and share the action, and activists who take action using those links will be automatically shared between you and the petition creator. You don't even have to talk to the petition creator to make this happen, you can just do it! How easy is that?

Second, every single one of our actions is expressed as an embeddable widget -- a bit of code you can copy and paste that will display that action anywhere you can embed a YouTube video or something similar. Activists will be able to take action right from whatever page you've embedded the action on! And widgets come tagged with your unique referrer code, so you can grab a widget of any action, embed it on your own website, Tumblr page, or something similar, and have people will be added to your list as well as the action creator's list. This makes it easy for coalitions to work together -- instead of deciding on one page to host your joint action, on one website, with cobranding and one piece of set language, each partner can grab their own widget tagged with their own referrer code and display the action on their own website, with their own branding and design and whatever language written around the widget they want. All the action takers come back to one central location, but are also added to each partner's email list. Easy!

Finally, we offer groups, which allow organizers to work together in a more formal, federated way to publish actions and add activists to the group's email list. See the next question for more about groups.

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