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Creating actions easily: Our one-to-one action creation interface

When you create a new action, you'll be using an interface that's quite a bit different (and easier to use!) than other online organizing systems. We call it our one-to-one interface.

When you create a new action, the page you're working on will look like the page you'll get when you publish your action. You won't have to guess where exactly on the page this title or description text box will show up -- you'll know! This way, you won't have to flip back and forth between a saved draft and your creation page, getting each visual detail correct through trial and error.

Actions with more than one step (such as events, which have RSVP pages and thank you pages where you can leave instructions for your guests) will have more than one create page, each using the one-to-one model to make it easy to understand what input goes where. Just click the "Save and Go To Next Step" button or click the navigation links in the top right to move on to the next step.

At the top of create pages you can also set an internal, administrative-only title, to help you organize your actions.

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