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Previewing and downloading reports

You can preview your report's results and download your full report on your report's manage page.

Like email, we'll calculate the count of the number of people your report targets and send you an email when that count is ready. The count is displayed in the top portion of the manage page, and will show "[calculating...]" until the count is ready. The page will automatically refresh when targeting is done, and we'll also send you an email when it's ready to let you know to come back to the page.

Note: We will automatically update any emails or reports that include or exclude this report when you calculate new targeting, to ensure chains of includes and excludes stay in sync.

In the lower section of the manage page, you will see a preview of your results including the first 20 or so rows of data. Use this preview to check that you're pulling all of the data you want on the right universe of people. You can scroll sideways to see more columns if you need to.

You can also see the targeting for your report in the targeting tab.

To download your report results as a spreadsheet in CSV format, click the "Download Results as CSV" button in the sidebar. We'll start preparing your full report and email you a link to download your report when it's ready.

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