Action Network Help & FAQs

Managing your group's organizer and administrator list

View and manage your group's organizers and administrators by clicking the "Organizers" tab on your group's manage page.

There, you will see a list of all of your organizers and administrators in two separate lists. Click the mail icon to the right to email them individually using your device's email program. Hover over their names to view the last time they logged into Action Network.

Click the blue "Remove User" button and confirm your choice to remove someone from your group. Organizers or administrators who are removed will no longer be able to access their group pages or get notices about group discussion. They will have to re-apply if they want to join again, and be re-approved by group administrators. All actions they created that are sponsored by the group will remain as they are -- they will still have access to them, but so will group administrators.

Click the green "Make User Admin" button on a group organizer and confirm your choice to promote another user to administrator. You will then be asked to set permissions for this administrator, which is explained in detail below.

Click the red "Remove As Admin" on a fellow admin and confirm your choice to remove their administrative permissions and make them a group organizer again.

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