Action Network Help & FAQs

What type of actions do you offer?

Currently, we offer petitions, fundraising pages, events (and event campaigns, which tie events together into a unified map, allowing people to find events near them by ZIP code or host their own), ticketed events, forms (a more flexible version of petitions, suitable for surveys and the like), letter campaigns to email elected officials, and a place to upload and store public files. We also offer a mass mailer to allow you to keep in touch with the activists you organize, reporting features to analyze your data and export it when you see fit, queries for more complex targeting, a tagging system for organizing actions and activists, and a basic Contact Relationship Management (CRM) system for searching, viewing, adding, editing, and merging individual activists.

We also offer campaign pages (groups of actions together on one action center-type page) and event campaigns (a distributed way to ask others to host events) to groups, as well as custom email and page wrappers, api and Salesforce sync access, and the ability to upload lists of users to partners who apply for access.

We plan to continue building the Action Network and offer more tools in the future.

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