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Integrating with VAN events

If you use VAN, you can integrate VAN events with Action Network events.

After integration is set up, Action Network will send event RSVPs to specific VAN events as signups. When you create events in Action Network (or upload events as part of an event campaign) you can enter a VAN ID for each, after which we will send all subsequent RSVPs to the corresponding VAN event as signups using VAN's OSDI-compliant API.

Note: The integration only works for events and event campaigns. It does not work for ticketed events.

Setting Up VAN Integration

To set up the integration, go to your API & Sync page and enter the following in the VAN section:

  • A VAN API key (with MyCampaign mode indicated, see here) -- you can request a key by logging in and using the support system that VAN provides to ask their support team
  • The ID of the VAN status to use for all signups
  • The ID of the VAN role to use for all signups
  • An optional custom field to send to VAN as the phone number for the activist when adding the signup

After setup, you can toggle whether signups are sent to VAN. See the VAN API documentation for more information on API keys, shifts, roles, and other event API details.

Note: VAN meters and charges for API calls. Therefore, using this integration may incur extra charges on your account.

Connecting Action Network Events to VAN Events

After setup, you'll see a new "VAN" tab on your event's manage page.

To send RSVPs for the event to VAN as signups, enter the VAN event ID corresponding to the event in VAN you'd like to send signups to in the box and save.

After the ID is saved, subsequent RSVPs will be sent to the indicated VAN event as signups using VAN's API. For the signup, the VAN status and role indicated when you set up your VAN API key in the API & Sync section will be used, and the RSVPer's phone number will be sent using whatever custom field you've chosen there as well. Finally, the first available location and shift for this event in VAN will be used when sending the signup.

Remove the VAN event ID to stop sending signups to VAN.

You can also upload VAN IDs when uploading events in an event campaign, using the new "van_id" column in your upload, which will set the ID for that event.

Integrating with VAN events is a feature only available to paying partners. To become a partner, please visit

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