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2019 Built-in targets and redistricting updates

We offer built-in targets for letter campaigns, including US Congress (both Senate and House), state governors, and state legislatures (both upper and lower house). Activists are matched to the appropriate legislator by their full address. For activists in Pennsylvania, we will assign them to their new appropriate district as well. You will see this update on their activist records.

We aim to update the built-in targets as quickly as possible after they are sworn in. This is a time consuming process that is dependent on a variety of other websites and platforms, so we appreciate your patience. We will update this document as soon as we update the targets to the new legislators.


  • US House (1/4/19)
  • Governors (1/11/19)

Not updated

  • US Senate
  • State legislature upper house
  • State legislature lower house
  • New Pennsylvania congressional districts


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