Action Network Help & FAQs

Editing the URL of an action or group

You can edit the URLs for actions and groups after they've been published from their manage pages.

When you publish your action or group we'll automatically create a URL for you based on the title of the action or group. You can then edit that URL if you want after you publish. For example, you can change to

To do so, from the manage page, click the "Edit URL" button, alter the URL, and save.

Two important notes:

First, URLs must be unique across our system, so if you enter a URL that's in use by someone else, we'll add a "-2" to the end to keep it unique. Feel free to edit it again and try something else.

Second, if you change the URL, you will break any existing links to the old URL we originally assigned. So if you posted a link to the old URL on facebook or embedded a widget of that action in your website or anything like that, those things will no longer work. Be careful changing URLs!

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