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Adding and managing multiple additional sponsors

Any action can have multiple additional sponsoring groups, which will allow those additional groups to receive data from the action according to the rules set by the sponsorship mode you specify for the action. (More about the modes and how data sharing works is available here.)

You can add additional sponsoring groups in the "Sponsors" tab of your action's manage page. Click the add button to bring up a search interface which will allow you to search for other published groups on Action Network. Find the group you want to add as a sponsor and click the add button to send them an invitation. You can invite as many groups as you'd like.

Invited group admins will receive an invitation from us letting them know you've invited them to sponsor your action and giving them some information about what that means and how it works. They have the option to accept or decline your request.

You can see a list of invited groups in the "Sponsors" tab, and resend invites to admins if they haven't been accepted yet, or see statistics, set limits, or remove sponsors if they have been accepted. You can change the sponsor mode as well from this tab. You can also get a copy of the direct link to this action with each sponsoring group's referrer code attached with the link icon next to each group's name. This referrer code is important for some sponsor modes. (More about the modes and how data sharing works is available here.)

For groups invited in this way, they will have access to the action's manage page as you do, however they will only be able to see the "Sponsors" tab and only their group in the tab, and all other controls on the page will be disabled. This allows them to view their statistics while not seeing others or being able to edit anything else about the action.

They will also see this action show up in their group's "Actions" tab and in targeting and queries, just like any other action they sponsor.

Note: Groups invited to sponsor your action who are not Action Network partners will nonetheless be given access to uploads for their group, a feature usually reserved for partners. This will allow them the ability to upload their list from another digital organizing system they may use, for more accurate statistics (counting who is new to their list, for example) and for the proper operation of some of the sponsoring modes. (As with all activists uploaded into Action Network, the activists are owned by the group that uploads it, and only used for the purposes they choose, including statistics and operation of the sponsoring modes, and these activists are not subscribed to or accessible by other groups or sponsors using Action Network.) However, we will remove the ability for them to email their group's list in Action Network unless they become a partner. They are warned about this in the invitation email they receive.

The action's activist-facing pages (such as the take action page and thank you page) will display which group originally sponsored the action as well as each additional sponsor, and the data sharing section which describes to activists what groups they will be added to by taking action will list each sponsor, both original and additional.

Access to additional sponsors is a partner feature, available to those who make a recurring monthly donation to support our toolset. Click here to contact us to discuss a partnership.

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