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Uploading transactions

When clicking the "Add New Upload" button you can choose between different upload types using the tabs at the top of the new upload window.

By default, "Upload by Email" is selected, in which case we will match activists in your upload to people on your list by email address, automatically deduplicating and adding new activists to your list if no match is found. See here for more information.

However, you can choose "Upload Transactions" instead to use the transactions upload type. With this upload type you can upload activists with basic information like name, email, and address to subscribe them to your list, just like the email upload type, but you can additionally include columns for an amount and a recurring period, to upload transactions such as donations that may have happened outside of our system (say, an activist sent you a check).

If you use this upload type, on step 2 when you match columns in your file to fields in our database you will have to match a column to "Amount" which represents the amount of the transaction and "Recurring Period" which indicates whether the transaction is a recurring transaction or not and what period (ie: monthly or weekly) it recurs.

Amount is required and must be positive and non-zero. Do not include any dollar signs or other symbols, just numbers and a decimal point. Amounts will be truncated to two decimal points. Recurring period can be blank (to indicate the transaction is not recurring) or be one of these values: "weekly", "monthly", "quarterly", or "yearly".

Once processed, these transactions will be recorded in our system just as if the activist had donated using one of our fundraising pages. If you target all donors to receive email, people uploaded in this way will be targeted as well. 

Note: Uploaded recurring donations will not appear in the recurring donations section of the activists' record. Instead, they will appear in the donations section. However, uploaded recurring donations will still be targeted in emails that target recurring donors.

Note: You cannot undo this operation (though you can edit them individually in activist view later), so be careful when uploading transactions.

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