Action Network Help & FAQs

Edit your profile, avatar, email address, name, address, password, default targeting mode, or homepage

From the menu in the upper right, click the "Edit Your Profile" link to access the edit profile page .

On the edit profile page, you can update your avatar by uploading an image and enter in some additional public profile text you'd like to display to others when they visit your public profile. You can also change the name, email address, address, city, ZIP/postal code, and country associated with the account.

You can choose whether emails and reports you create load up in query mode by default or not. (See here for more on query mode.)

Finally, you can edit what your Action Network homepage is, the page you see after you log in. You can set it to either be your Dashboard or any groups you are an administrator of. Once it's set, after you log in you'll go to that page, and you can return to it by clicking our logo in the upper left corner. In addition, if you set a group as your homepage, new emails, reports, or actions you create from the "Start Organizing" menu will be sponsored by that group by default, and other links you click in that menu such as uploads or search activists will bring you to that group directly.

Enter in any new information you want, then click "Save Changes" to update your profile.

You can also enroll in or remove 2-factor authentication from this page. See here for more details.

In addition, you can quickly change your homepage by opening the "Start Organizing" menu in the upper left. There you'll see displayed your current default/homepage and a pencil icon to click, bringing up a window where you can change your group homepage easily, allowing you to quickly jump from group to group if you'd like.

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