Action Network Help & FAQs

Standard page fields and recognizing past activists

Every page will automatically ask activists to enter the first name, last name, email address, and zip/postal code to take action. Only email address and zip/postal code are required.

If an activist is signed into an account on the Action Network or has given us their information in the past, we will recognize them when they visit any action page so they can take action with one click without having to fill out their name, email address, or zip/postal code again.

If they want, they can log out and cancel the recognition to fill out the form with another email address if they want by clicking the link next to their recognized user avatar.

Activists are automatically de-duplicated by email address. In addition, for most actions (petitions, events, and forms), activists can only take action once, with the newer action overwriting the older one if they take action again.

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