Action Network Help & FAQs

Referrer codes and working together and sharing emails with others

One of the unique features of the Action Network is how easily you can work with others who are also using the Action Network.

The easiest way to work with others is through referral codes. If you're logged in to the Action Network, on thank you pages and manage pages you'll see a dropdown menu where you can choose a list and referrer code. Pick your personal list or any group to which you have access to add that unique referrer code to all of the share links. When an activist clicks on that link with that code attached, by default -- unless they edit their subscription options -- they'll be added to your personal email list or that group's list and the action creator's email list at the same time when they take action.

For example, if you see a petition created by another Action Network organizer that you think your Facebook page would be interested in, you can post it to Facebook from the thank you page with your referral code attached, by choosing your personal list from the dropdown menu before clicking the Facebook share button. Or you can choose a group you have access to and add names to that group's list instead.

Anyone who clicks through from Facebook to the action and signs the petition will be added to your list and the petition creator's list at the same time. You don't even have to get in touch with the petition creator and ask to share some names -- you automatically get credit for the activists you bring in. How easy is that?

Referral codes are also added to widgets and work the same way -- so if you and your allies are planning a joint petition, you can each grab your own widget with your own referral code attached and embed it in your own website. Each activist that comes in on your page will be added to your list. Simple!

Referrer code charts are available on action manage pages, to track which referrer code is bringing in how many action takers.

If you want to share all of the names on a specific action, not just the names you bring in, then you can do that by setting up a group (which comes with its own shared email list) with your partners. See the groups section here for more details.

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