Action Network Help & FAQs

Using source codes

You can add source codes to your links and widgets to track anything. For example, you could use source codes to track different versions of online ads all pointing to the same petition to see which ad version results in the most action takers.

To add a source code, add source=whatever_you_want as an argument on your link or widget.

Source codes are automatically added to links and widgets on all thank you pages as well. For example, the default Facebook share link from a petition would look like this:

Just change "facebook" to something else to create a new source code, which will be tracked in your statistics and reports and will be available in email targeting.

If you add a source code to a URL for a page containing a widget, actions taken in that widget will reflect the source code used by the hosting page's url, for easy tracking.

Source code charts are available on action manage pages, to track which source code is bringing in how many action takers, and you can use source codes to target emails, reports, or queries.

Note: Only use letters, numbers, dashes, and underscores for your source codes. And note that underscores and dashes are equivalent when targeting reports or email, so source=whatever_you_want and source=whatever-you-want will appear the same when targeting reports or email.

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