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Signing up for a WePay account

The first time you create a fundraising or ticketed event page, you'll be asked to set up a WePay account. WePay is our payment processor -- they handle the credit cards, store your money, and facilitate withdrawals to your bank account.

Signing up is easy and free -- just enter in your name, email address, and a password to sign up, or you can use a WePay account you already use. You'll enter your bank account details later when you make your first withdrawal.

Note: You must enter bank details within 30 days, otherwise you won't be able to raise further money on your fundraising or ticketed event pages until you do. You also must have a US Social Security number or Tax ID number to raise money via WePay.

Once you've created your account and granted us access to it, you'll be taken back to the Action Network to finish setting up your fundraising or ticketed event page.

The first time you add a group as a recipient on a fundraising or ticketed event page, you'll be asked to link that group to your WePay account, where it will show up after you log in. It will receive its own separate stream of money when designated as the recipient of funds on fundraising or ticketed event pages and has its own bank details. In this way you can raise different streams of money for different things, such as a separate 501c3 and 501c4 organization, just set up another group. (You don't even have to use this group for data, actions, and email lists, it can just be a "dummy" group that's a recipient on fundraising pages and nothing else while your main group continues to sponsor actions and send emails as normal.)

Every individual who wants to edit fundraisers will be asked to make their own account. These accounts function like Action Network accounts in that each account can be connected to more than one group. When you log into your WePay account you'll see all the groups you've connected, and can manage them separately.

Given that only the first person will be ask to set up a group with their WePay account, other administrators may have WePay accounts they don't use, but they'll need to set one up anyway to create or edit fundraising or ticketed event pages.

And, make sure the person who first sets up a fundraising or ticketed event page for a group will be the owner of that group in WePay, make sure it's the person you want to have that permission.

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