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Pre-filling donation amounts or recurring options

You can create special URLs to pre-fill donation amounts and/or recurring options on your fundraising pages.

To pre-fill amounts, add the amount=[number] argument on to your url. If the amount you select is a predefined amount on the page, that will be selected. Otherwise, if the other box exists, that box will be filled with the amount you choose. For example, if you'd like to pre-fill $5 as your donation amount and the link to your fundraising page is, then your pre-filled link would be

To pre-check the recurring checkbox, add recurring=true to your URL. And to pre-select a recurring period, add period=recurring_[period] to your URL. For example, using the above URL, if I wanted to pre-fill a $5/month donation, your URL would be

Pre-filling recurring options will only work if the page supports that option. So if monthly is not an available period, then pre-filling monthly will not be recognized.

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