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Creating forms

Please click here for our forms video tutorial.

Forms are more flexible version of petitions or events -- instead of requiring things like a target or a time and date, with forms you can ask your users any type of question in a format that you choose. For example, forms can be used to collect stories from your activists, give them surveys, report back the results of a campaign to call elected officials, or anything else where you need to collect data from your activists.

Choose "Create Form" from the "Start Organizing" menu to start creating your form.

Fill out the form's title and description for your form to get activists to fill it out. Next, you have the option of removing the goal slider from your form on the right side, if you don't want to count the number of actions you're receiving publicly. (ex: On a tell your story form, you might not want to count the number of stories you're receiving publicly.) You also must fill in a heading for your form on the right -- your call to action as activists are preparing to fill it out. (ex: Tell your story here)

Show or hide standard fields to remove, say, first name from the form if you do not want to collect it by clicking "Edit Form" and using the visual form builder. You can read more about the visual form builder here. You can also decide whether you want to make the field required or not. Email address and country must always be present and required, as every activist in our system must have an email address and country.

Finally, you can add in custom form inputs using the visual form builder (explained here) or by writing your own HTML. And you can add an optional image if you choose.

Next, you can add optional thank you page text, and show or hide the sharing options on thank you pages.

When you're ready, publish your form to make it live and start collecting information.

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