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File formats for list uploads

To you upload your list of activists, we require you create a CSV (Comma Separated Value) file, a common text format. You can save spreadsheets as CSV files from Microsoft Excel or other common spreadsheet programs.

Generally, we require at least email address for every activists when you upload. (Activists are also automatically de-duplicated based on email address. Activists without email addresses are skipped. We also validate email addresses on upload, so activists with email addresses that are obviously not email addresses are also skipped. For example, missing an @ symbol.) We heavily recommend a ZIP/postal code as well. We also accept first names, last names, cities, states, addresses, and countries of your activists, as well as any custom columns you want to add.

You can also upload by the unique ID we assign each activist in the system, instead of email, which means the upload will match and deduplicate by unique ID instead of email address. This allows you to perform matching with other systems without having to pass around sensitive information like email address. Choose the "Upload by Unique ID" tab when adding a new upload to use this type. See here for more information.

The first row of your CSV file should be your column headings. You can name them anything you'd like -- you'll have the opportunity to match them to our field names when you upload your file, though if you name them the same name as our field names, we will match them automatically, saving you a few clicks.

When you create a new upload, you can view our sample file so you can format your list.

See here for our video tutorial on uploading a new email list. 

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