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Setting group administrator permissions

You can set the group permissions of fellow administrators (and yourself) from the "Organizers" tab. In the list of administrators below, if you have the correct permissions, click the green "Edit Permissions" button to edit that administrator's permissions for that group.

Set the administrator's permissions in the window that appears. Administrators can have each of the following non-overlapping permissions:

  • Settings: Administrator can edit group settings, invite and approve organizers and administrators, set administrator permissions, and set up fundraising and ticketed event pages that don't require a donor email, as well as set the parent of the group if it's part of a Network.
  • Launch Email: Administrator can launch and send emails targeted to the group's list
  • Reports: Administrator can download report data.
  • Activists: Administrator can access activist search for this group, allowing them to add, edit, view, and merge individual activist records.
  • Contributions: Administrator can issue refunds, edit or cancel recurring contributions, convert one-time contributions to recurring when viewing activist records, and upload or manually add or edit transactions, as well as receive contribution failure notifications.
  • Advanced Uploads: Administrator can use advanced upload features, such as overwriting custom field data or unsubscribing activists in an upload.
  • Overwrite Network Custom Field Data: If this group is part of a Network, administrator can choose to overwrite parent group custom field data when editing activists. (Without this permission, editing an activist will not overwrite custom field data on parent groups.)
  • Syndication: If this group is part of a Network, administrator can create syndication packages to be shared with other groups.

Click the "Save Permissions" button to set this administrator's permissions.

If the group is part of a Network, administrators will have the same permissions on child groups as they have on parent groups unless overridden.

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