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What are event campaigns and how are they used?

Event campaigns are a feature only available to paying partners. To become a partner, please visit

Event campaigns allow you to organize the organizers and create a framework for others to host events as part of your event campaign. For example, you could ask people to host house parties in their homes about a certain topic, or protests at their state capitol against a new law.

When you create an event campaign, you set up a page to allow others to sign up to host and create their own event. You can give a pitch to hosts telling them how easy hosting an event will be to get them to sign up, and then you can give them detailed instructions for host to pull off their event after they sign up.

Activists who RSVP to an event are then added to the host's email list as well as your group's list, which means local hosts get to keep the data from their local organizing efforts, but your group gets access to all of the data on all of the RSVPs on every event. And because hosts may already have Action Network accounts with mobilized email lists, your growth potential is much greater than just asking your activists on your own list to host. Local groups -- such as allies or coalition partners -- can sponsor individual events as well, further increasing your growth potential.

When creating your event campaign you also set up a ZIP/postal code search page that shows all of your events on a map and allows activists to search for events near them by ZIP/postal code to RSVP for something close by.

Event campaigns ask people to host events as activists search for events near them, so you can create more events. It can ask hosts to create their event at specific locations (such as the state capitol nearest them) if you choose. You can also upload a spreadsheet of events that already have hosts, and these events will show up in the ZIP/postal code search just like any other event.

Finally, you can easily manage all aspects of your event campaign -- statistics on the number of events and RSVPers, keeping in contact with hosts and attendees, inviting activists on your email list to the closest event to them, restricting hosting to just organizers in your group or banning hosting altogether (and simply uploading a spreadsheet of hosted events), and even removing individual events from your campaign if you choose.


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