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Uploading suggested hosting locations

You can upload suggested locations for hosts to hold events if you want on your event campaign's manage page.

To upload suggested locations, click the "Upload Locations/Events" tab on your event campaign's manage page. Under the suggested location section, choose your file to upload and click the "Upload" button to process your file.

Uploaded files must be in .csv format. You can save as this file type when choosing "Save As" in Microsoft Excel or similar programs. Your file also must have the exact column headings we require, with data filled in for each one for each location -- "location_name" indicates the name of the location (ex: New York State Capitol), "address" is the street address for your location, "city" is the city for your location, "state" is the two letter postal abbreviation for your location (ex: NY for New York), and "zip" is the five digit ZIP code of your location. Each location you upload needs all five values for all five columns filled in for that location to be processed correctly. For international events, ZIP and country are required, state is not.

You can download a sample .csv file that you can open up in Excel or something similar and use as a template by clicking the "Download the location .csv template here" link underneath the upload button in the locations/events upload tab.

We will automatically de-duplicate locations to the extent possible, but it's best to ensure your data is clean and ready to go before you upload.

After you click the upload button, we will show you a counter with the percentage of your upload that has been processed. Large uploads may take a few minutes to finish. We'll email you when your upload is completed or if there are errors processing your upload. If there are errors, we'll do our best to tell you where those errors were so you can fix your file and upload again.

Once you've uploaded suggested locations they will appear in two places. First, when potential hosts visit the host form to create their event, they'll be encouraged to search by ZIP/postal code for a suggested location near them and host an event there. They can always choose their own location if they'd rather. In addition, when activists search by ZIP/postal code for events near them, suggested locations near them will show up in another section, asking them to host an event there. If they click, the location they selected is prefilled on their host form, though they can edit it if they want.

After a host creates an event at a suggested location, it will be removed from search so other hosts are not asked to hold an event at that location as well.

You can also delete all current uploaded locations by clicking the "Delete All Suggested Locations" button. This will not delete any events that have been hosted by others at those locations.


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