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Recruiting attendees by email to nearby events

After you have your hosting set up and you have created enough events for your event campaign it's time to recruit people to come to your events. You can recruit attendees to attend nearby events using your group's email list in two ways.

First, you can point them to the ZIP/postal code search page and pre-fill their ZIP/postal code by giving the event campaign search page URL an argument of zipcode=00000. For example, if a user clicks the link like they will see a list of events near them in New York City when the page loads. This allows you to link directly to events near your activists using a mass email tool like ours that can fill in an activist's ZIP/postal code as a variable clip. (See the email clips section above for more information on how to use clips.)

Or, you can use our built-in email clips to output information and a link to the event that's nearest to activists on your group's email list. In the clips window when writing your email there are clips for various pieces event information, including a full details block (title, location, date, time, link to RSVP) and each component separately. Using these clips you can output information on the exact event that's nearest to an activist and point them directly to the relevant RSVP page, no extra clicks required! (Note that these clips will pull details only from upcoming events, not events that have already happened.)

Note that to use these clips you have to fill in the event campaign's ZIP/postal code search URL in the code that is created, so the clips know which event campaign to use to search for events near that user. You only have to do this once, but that tag must come before you start using these clips. In fact, we will only process the first copy of this setting, so subsequent URLs you enter will be ignored.

Then, on the targeting create page for your email, you can include or exclude activists on your group's email list who live within a certain number of miles of events hosted as part of your event campaign, to ensure you're targeting your email only to those activists who can plausibly come to an event.

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