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Setting query logic and parameters

When creating or editing a query, first choose or edit the query's name. Then, use the interface below to set query logic and parameters.

Next, begin adding your query logic. You can set whether you'd like to use AND or OR logical operators between each group of rules, denoted by green and orange colors, respectively.

You can add rules to the current group by clicking the "Add Rule" button. You can add new groups (and set a new AND or OR preference for that group) by clicking the "Add Group" button. You can remove groups or rules by clicking the "Delete" button, and you can re-arrange rules and groups by clicking and dragging the arrow section.

When you add a rule, you can choose which filter you want to use for that rule from any of our standard filters available on our normal targeting pages. You can choose whether you want to make the filter include or exclude, and then you can enter any additional data to make the filter work, such as picking a few actions in the action history filter or filling in a ZIP/postal code, radius, and country for the ZIP/postal code and radius filter.

In this way, by adding rules, groups, and changing the AND/OR preference you can construct complex queries not possible in our normal targeting interface. Note that query parameters are evaluated top to bottom, and saving a query simply saves your logic and parameters, it does not run that query against your list. See here for how to target your query to a mass email or report.

When you're done with your query, click "Save Query" to save your changes. Your query will now be available to include or exclude when you target mass emails or reports.

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