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Merging two activists

Merging two activists allows you to combine their records into one, keeping both of their history data and choosing which conflicting information to keep and which to discard. To merge activists, start by viewing the record of one of the two you'd like to merge and clicking the "Merge" button in the right sidebar. Next, search for the second activists you'd like to merge using our normal search interface, and click "Choose Fields To Keep" to select that activists and move on to the next step.

On the next step you'll be shown both activists you've chosen in two columns, and you can choose which piece of conflicting information to keep on a field-by-field basis. The field highlighted in green is the currently selected version. Click on the other field in red to select it instead. You can pick which version of an activist's basic information to keep, such as name, email, address (if you are an Action Network partner), city, state, or country, as well as any conflicting custom fields.

Sometimes, certain fields will be selected and cannot be unselected. For example, if you're merging an activist who does not have an Action Network account with one who does, the activist with an account's basic record must be kept, as only they can change that information. (Additionally, you cannot merge two activists who both have Action Network accounts.) If one activist does not have a field (such as first name) while the other does, the filled field will always be chosen over the empty one.

When you're done picking fields, click the "Merge Activists" button to merge the two activists into one record.

The merge process will combine the activist's records, so email history, action history, donation history, tags, source codes, and notes will be merged. Subscription status will be preserved. Any custom fields not in conflict will be merged. And we will keep any conflicting basic information (name, email, address, etc...) and conflicting custom fields you chose in the merge process.

If your group is part of a Network, merges will migrate downwards in your network. The same merge will be performed on child groups if possible, keeping the fields you've chosen where conflicts arise.

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