Action Network Help & FAQs

How do I get the action pages I create to look like my website?

We offer two options for customizing the look of our action pages.

First, you can use our widgets. Instead of forcing you to use an in-house system to build websites, every action you create comes with an widget and you can embed that widget on any website you create -- Wordpress, Tumblr, Drupal, anything that can take embed code similar to a YouTube video. Just copy and paste your embed code and put it wherever you want on your website and viola! Your action is on your website, with your own branding and design, but retaining all of the features of any of our action pages.

You can even get embed code in different widths, with layout-only styles (to pick up your branding and colors easily), or without any styles at all by clicking on the options button under the box where you copy the code. Without styles, you can add your own CSS to make the widgets look exactly like your design.

You can also get full layout embed code, which will replicate everything on our pages in the widget, including your description, count of how many people have taken action, banner image, and more.

Second, if you become a paying Action Network partner, you can use our page wrapper system, which allows you to add custom HTML to build a page wrapper, and puts one of our widgets in the middle to complete your action page. Click here to contact us about becoming a partner.

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