Action Network Help & FAQs

Adding administrative, internal-only titles

You can add administrative, internal-only titles to just about everything on Action Network. This allows you to have one title for public consumption and another for you and your colleagues to use internally for organizational purposes.

All actions can have administrative titles. In addition, emails and groups can have them as well. After you add an administrative title we will use that instead of the public title on internal pages such as your dashboard, the actions list on your group's manage page, our targeting interface, and the like. Activists visiting your pages will still see your public title as normal.

To add an administrative title from a manage page, click the plus icon next to your public title. Add your administrative title in the text box and click "Save" to save your work.

You can also enter or change administrative titles on the top of create pages.

Your administrative title will take the place of your public title on the manage page, with the public title in italics underneath. You can then edit or remove the administrative title by clicking the edit icon and changing your administrative title or deleting it entirely.

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