Action Network Help & FAQs

Setting up emails for syndication

A few special considerations need to be taken into account when setting up emails for syndication.

First, if the email and action you're syndicating go together in a package, then you should make use of our Syndicated Action URL clip. For example, if you're syndicating a petition and an email announcing the launch of that petition, you're going to want to make sure that when the receiving groups send that email, the email is linking to the petition they published, not your petition page.

To do that, replace the href links to your petition with the Syndicated Action URL clip, available in the clips menu. When the receiving group sends their email with that clip in the href, it will be replaced with a link to their petition.

Next, targeting options for syndicated emails are greatly abbreviated. You can target by things like geography and source code, but nothing group specific like action or email history, as the receiving group has different options than you. When they send the email, they'll have access to the full range of targeting options, however.

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