Action Network Help & FAQs

Sharing and response options on thank you pages

After activists take action, they will be directed to a standard thank you page (either on our site or within an embedded widget) which allows them to share the action they just took with their friends.

Thank you pages include buttons to share on Facebook and Twitter. The language that users are asked to post on these social networks is autogenerated based on your action's title, target, description, image, and other things you enter. However, you can edit these settings in your action's manage page, in the "Sharing" tab.

Thank you pages also include a direct link you can use to email or instant message others to take action, as well as a sample email to copy and paste and send to friends. Again, this is editable in the sharing tab.

Finally, thank you pages include embed code so your activists can embed a widget of the action they just took on their own web page, much like you might embed a YouTube video.

After activists take action they are also sent an autoresponse email thanking them for taking action. You can edit that automatically generated email or turn it off in the "Responses" tab of your action's manage page, and test it at the bottom of that section. Additionally you can decide to redirect users to another page instead of our thank you page if you'd like in this tab.

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