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Creating and managing action page wrappers

If you are an Action Network partner, you can create custom page wrappers to brand your action pages, instead of using our built-in look and feel. These wrappers use your custom HTML code along with our widgets to construct the action page. Click here to contact us about becoming an Action Network partner and getting access to custom page wrappers.

See here for our page wrappers video tutorial.

To manage your page wrappers, choose the "Page Wrappers" option from the "Start Organizing" menu. Next, choose the list you'd like to manage page wrappers for, either your individual account's email list or any groups you are an administrator of.

To create a new page wrapper, click the "Add New Wrapper" button in the upper left.

Enter a name for your wrapper. Then either enter the HTML code for your wrapper head and foot in the boxes below, or use the auto-generate button to upload your logo and choose a few colors and have us create a very simple wrapper for you. The 'header' color is at the top of your page, behind the image you choose. The 'accent' color corresponds to the submit button, any links, and goal slider. Do not choose white as your accent color, people will not be able to see the submit button.

Note: Auto-generating a wrapper will overwrite your current wrapper. Any customizations you have made will be lost. You can edit your auto-generated wrapper after it's made to customize it further.

If you write your own, you'll see on the page that we split the wrapper into two inputs -- the header and the footer -- with your action's widget inserted in the center.

Remember to write mobile-responsive HTML. You must include some HTML in both the header and footer box.

A few tips to keep in mind:

  • We automatically add a title tag to your HTML based on the action pages name, and appropriate social media meta tags based on your sharing options. You can omit those elements when creating your page wrapper. You still need to write <html> and <head> tags yourself. 
  • Our pages are served from a secure domain with the https protocol. Any assets you link to (such as images or external stylesheets) should be served from https domains.
  • Our files system is meant for hotlinking in your page wrappers, so feel free to upload files and grab links from the files system.
  • Since our page wrappers use our widgets, keep in mind the customization and styling options for widgets. Make sure you take into account the various possible widget states (recognized users, thank you pages, etc...) in your design. Click here for tips on styling your widgets and pages, and click here for tips on widgets and javascript customization.

Our files system can be used for storing images or other files if you'd like for your wrappers. After you upload a file, you'll be able to get a link that you can use here.

When you're done, you can preview your wrapper by clicking the "Save & Preview" button at the bottom, which will allow you to see how your wrapper will look with our different action page widgets. Click "Save" on the editing page to save and return to your list of page wrappers.

In the list you can quickly edit and preview any custom wrappers you have made and set a default to be used for your list's action pages. You can always pick a different wrapper for each page, this simply sets the default.

You can also delete wrappers, though note that deleting a wrapper is permanent and cannot be undone.

You can duplicate wrappers as well with the duplicate button. If your group is in a network, you can optionally duplicate the wrapper to child groups as well, giving you a way to easily share wrappers with children.

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