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Using tags

Tags are attached to individual activists. Each activist can have as many tags as you want. Tags can be added to activists in various ways. Tags are useful for subdividing your group's list into different categories.

You can create tags and assign them to pages, if your page is sponsored by a group. (Tags are only available for groups.) Whenever an activist takes action using that page, those tags will be added to their record. You can then target reports or email by tags. You can also add tags to people via uploads or by editing their individual activist record.

To add or manage your available tags, click on the "Tags" link in the "Start Organizing" menu. There, you can choose a group and add or edit the tags for that group. You can also create a tag when adding tags to pages using the "Add New Tag" button.

Tags are unique by name, so you can't have more than one tag named the same thing. Once tags are created, you can delete them, though deleting tags will remove their data attached to any activists as well.

If your group is part of a network, you can send tags to child groups to use. Child groups won't be able to edit a tag shared with them, but they can use that tag on their pages. If your new tag overlaps with a tag that's already in use by the child group with the same name, don't worry! We'll automatically merge them and pass the child's data back up to you, so activists tagged with your new tag on the child group will show up on your group.

To add tags to an action page, click the "Edit Tags" button on the page's manage screen (circled in image below). Add any tags you'd like and save to add tags to that page. From then on, any activist who takes action will have those tags appended to their record. Create a tag when adding tags to pages using the "Add New Tag" button


You can also add tags via uploads, in which case all activists in the upload will get the tag added to their record. Create a tag when adding tags via uploads using the "Add New Tag" button

You can add tags to anyone targeted by a report, on the report results page.

You can add tags individually when editing a activist's record as well.

And you can create questions like checkboxes, radio buttons, or dropdown menus that add tags to an activist's record when that question is selected by the activist when they take an action. Those are created in the "Questions & Custom Fields" section of the start organizing menu, or in the drag and drop form builder when editing actions.

When you go to target emails or reports, you'll have a tags section where you can include or exclude activists who are tagged with certain tags.

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