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Kiosk mode for event sign-in, canvassing, and high-volume situations

Kiosk mode changes the way Action Network pages and embeds work, enabling features that are useful for signing people in for events, taking information while canvassing, or other high-volume situations where you are signing up one person after another in quick succession.

To turn on kiosk mode, add the argument kiosk=true to the end of any Action Network page link or embedding page link. For example, if your published page is available at, then to activate kiosk mode you'd go to

Once kiosk mode is on, when someone takes an action on any Action Network page or widget using that computer or device, instead of going to a thank you page the form will simply reload with a confirmation message thanking the activist for taking action. In addition, activists won't be recognized, meaning when the form reloads it will be blank, allowing the next person to enter their information immediately.

In this way, kiosk mode allows many people to use the same action one after another from the same device without having to bother with thank you pages or recognized users. Kiosk mode makes it easy to have people sign in at a laptop at the start of an event or give you their information on a tablet when canvassing.

Kiosk mode will be active for that device until it is explicitly turned off. To turn off kiosk mode, visit an Action Network page or embedding page with kiosk=false added to the link as an argument. This will return the device to normal operation until kiosk mode is activated again.

Note: You will be unable to log in to your Action Network account in a browser with kiosk mode turned on until kiosk mode is turned off.

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