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Delivering petitions and exporting petition signatures

To deliver your petition, click on the "Delivery Options" tab on your petition's manage page. We offer two options for delivery.

For email delivery, enter in the email address of your target and click the "Send" button. This will send that email address the letter all of your activists signed addressed to the target, as well as a PDF with all of the petition signers' names and ZIP/postal codes, as well as any comments they added on the petition.

You can use email delivery as often as you'd like, and your target will be sent a PDF with up-to-date signer information. So you can enter the same email address more than once over a period of time to deliver the petition multiple times and show your target how it's growing, or you can enter in different email addresses separately and deliver your petition to multiple targets.

If you choose physical delivery, you can download the PDF that we use to send to petition targets so you can deliver your petition in person instead, or you can download a spreadsheet in CSV format with your signers' name, email address, address (if you are an Action Network partner), city, state, ZIP/postal code, country, referrer, source code, timestamp, and comments. Optionally you can choose a start or end date and only download signatures in that range, and you can also add additional custom field columns that are not present on the petition itself, to pull additional data into the download.

You can use that spreadsheet to do your own mail merge or other analysis on your signers to get them ready for delivery.


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