Action Network Help & FAQs

Creating fundraising pages

Choose "Create Fundraiser" from the "Start Organizing" menu to start creating your fundraising page.

Fill out the fundraising page's title. Choose the amount options you want available on the page, leaving the amount field blank and clicking "Add Dollar Amount Option" to create an "Other" box where donors can type in their own amount. You must have at least one amount option on the page to publish. If you have only one amount, that amount will be the only one available to donors. After that, choose your recurring options -- you can hide the recurring donation section entirely, allow your donors to optionally make their donation recurring, or force every donation on the page to be recurring, with or without a set recurring period.

Next, choose recipients for your donation page by clicking the "Add A Recipient" button. This is who will receive funds when people contribute. In the top section of the section that opens up, you can add yourself or any groups you are an administrator of. In the bottom section, you can search by name for other individuals or groups that have set up payments on Action Network. Choose who you would like to raise for and click the "Add" button to put them on your page. You can click "Add A Recipient" again to add other individuals and organizations to do joint fundraising or bundling.

After that, if you are an administrator of a group that's sponsoring this fundraising page and have the settings permission for that group, you have the option of making email addresses optional for donors using this fundraising page. Check the box to enable this option.

Donors who give money without an email will be assigned a random, non-working, email address by our system. This email will be unsubscribed from your mailings. This allows you to keep track of these donors and report on their contributions even if they don't have an email address.

Scrolling down, you can add in custom form inputs using the visual form builder (explained here) or by writing your own HTML (for example, collecting employer information) and a disclaimer below the form if you'd like.

In the right sidebar, you can choose your goal slider options -- count donations, dollars, or remove the slider altogether -- add an image for the page, write your description for the page, and add any sponsors you would like.

Next, you can add optional thank you page text, and show or hide the sharing options on thank you pages.

You can save and preview at any time. When you're ready, publish your fundraising page to make it live and start collecting donations.

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