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Creating letter versions and variants

Each letter campaign can have multiple letter versions, with different targets, writing tips, and default text. This allows you to set up one page that sends different messages to different targets. For example, you can have a letter campaign with two letter versions, one targeted to elected officials who voted yes on a bill and the other targeted to those officials who voted no. When an activist enters their address to find targets to write to, they'll be presented with one or more letter versions to write, one after another, depending on whether their address matches them with targets on one or more letter versions. (For custom targets, they will be matched to one and only one target, and thus only receive one letter version. For built in targets, they may receive multiple versions if their elected officials span letter versions.)

Each letter version can also have variants -- typically small variations on one letter version. Click the green "+Add" to add a new variant, with its own default subject and message. Click the "Next" or "Previous" buttons to navigate through variants, and the "Delete" button to delete one. You can have as many variants you want for each letter version. When an activist goes to write a letter, they will be presented with one random variant for that letter version, which they can then customize if you've allowed customization.Screen_Shot_2018-03-01_at_3.03.14_PM.png

You must have at least one letter version for each letter campaign, and each letter version must have at least one target. To add another letter version, click the "Save & Add Version" button when editing your letter campaign. To remove the current letter version, click the "Remove Version" button.


You can switch letter versions while editing by clicking the breadcrumb links towards the top of the page.

If an activist's address does not match any targets on any letter versions, we will let them know or redirect them to your "targets not found" redirect link if you've used that option.

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