Action Network Help & FAQs

Participating in group discussion and viewing a group's organizer list

Once you are an organizer, you have access to the group's participate page, where you can access the group's discussion board, action list, and organizer list, as well as create actions sponsored by that group.

Click the "Discussion" tab under the main section to access the group's private discussion board. Only group organizers and administrators have access. Type a comment and click "Post To Discussion Board" to post your message. All group organizers and administrators will be emailed your post, along with a link to respond.

Discussion board comments are listed chronologically, with the newest first. You can reply to a comment by clicking the "Reply" link under the comment you're interested in.

You can view your group's list of organizers by clicking on the "Organizer" tab under the main section. You will see a list of organizers and administrators, with links to their public profile page as well as an email icon. Click the email icon to email them directly using your device's built in email program.

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