Action Network Help & FAQs

Accessing your host page, finding hosts, and data sharing

Once your event campaign is published, click the "View Host Form" button to view your event campaign's host signup page. This is the page you will link to when recruiting hosts via email, Facebook, or something similar. We also link to the host form from the ZIP/postal code search page, so activists who don't find events near them can have the option of hosting their own.

Hosts will need an Action Network account to publish their event. If an activist doesn't yet have an account, they can fill out the first step of their host create page and then they will be asked to make an account to continue and complete the process.

Individual events can be sponsored by other groups, increasing the reach of your events. Hosts (and potentially sponsors) will get the activists who sign up for their event added to their email list, but they will also be added to your group's email list as the event campaign sponsor.

We recommend that you do a push using your email list, social media, and other outreach methods for hosts before you ask people to RSVP and attend your event campaign -- without hosts coming first, people who look for events near them won't find anything to attend!

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