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Creating a syndication package

Only groups that are part of a network and only administrators that have the syndication permission can create syndication packages. To create a new syndication package, click the "Syndication" button in the right sidebar of your group manage page.

Give your syndication package a title -- it's not public, but you and the groups receiving this package will be able to see it.

Next, choose which groups in your network you'd like to receive the syndication package. By default, you can syndicate to child groups. However, if you'd like the ability to syndicate to other groups in your network, contact us and ask, we can set up those custom connections. You can add groups one by one using the select box and clicking the "Add" button, or you can add all possible groups or remove all possible groups using the "Add All" and "Clear All" buttons. You can remove groups from your selection by clicking the "Remove" buttons next to their name. You can always add or remove groups after your package has been published.

Note that groups connected in this "ad hoc" way are also available under the network filters, so you can include and exclude emails and reports from groups that aren't children if they've been set up for syndication.

Finally, write a message that will be sent to receiving group administrators with your package, explaining what it is and how to use it.

Then, click "Save Draft" or "Save & Publish" to save your syndication settings.

Next, on the syndication package's manage page, click either "Select and Edit Email" or "Select and Edit Action" to choose an email and/or action to duplicate and use as your syndication template. You must choose at least one email or action, though you can choose one of each if you'd like. 

Select the email or action you'd like to copy from the dropdown menu and click the button at the bottom of the form to continue. Then, go through the steps to create your action or email, making any changes you need to make such as adding in the syndication URL clip for your email (explained in more detail here). At the end, save your template and you'll be returned to the manage page of your syndication package to add or edit your action or email or publish your package.

When you're ready to go, click "Publish Syndication" to publish your work. We will send an email message to administrators with the "Launch Email" permission, notifying them about the package they're receiving. The package will also show up in the receiving group's syndication tab.

When groups publish actions or send email, their default from and reply-to lines will be set instead of the ones you chose. And their default email and page wrappers will be used. Both of these can be edited further by the receiving group.

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