Action Network Help & FAQs

Receiving a syndication package

If your group has received a syndication package from another group, you will receive an email message notifying you. Clicking the link in the email message will take you to the syndication tab on your group's manage page, where you can edit, publish, or send the action and/or email you received.

The syndication tab shows any syndication packages your group has received with the newest towards the top. A red exclamation point is present on the syndication tab if there is something new for you to look at. Click the "Mark As Read" link next to each package in the tab to mark it as read -- if you have no unread syndication packages, the exclamation point will disappear.

Each syndication package will show its title, the group that sent it to you, the date it was sent, and the message that was shared with you, as well as the action and/or email that was shared. Click edit to edit the email or action, or publish to immediately publish an action, or send to skip to the preview page of that email and send it after a confirmation. Once you've clicked edit, publish, or send, the action or email will appear as a draft in your actions or emails list.

Feel free to make any edits you'd like before publishing the action or sending the email. The default from and reply-to for your group will be set for emails and response options, and the default page and email wrappers for your group will be used as well, though of course you can edit those further if you'd like.

The group that sent you the syndication package will be able to see if you've published or sent and will be able to see the statistics on action takers or email engagement once you do.

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