Action Network Help & FAQs

The monthly network email report

A network email report is available in the "Network" tab on the manage page of every group in the network.

Clicking on the "Download Monthly Network Email Report" button will run the report. We will email you when the report is ready for download.

The report spreadsheet contains a row for the current group plus any child groups in the network, a link to their manage page, a count of the size of their subscribed email list (activists who are subscribed to receive email at that time), and a cumulative count of the number of activists who were sent email that month, non-deduplicated.

So, for example, if a child group sent two emails to its full list of 10 activists, and its parent sent one email to its list of 100 activists, the count on on the child's row would be 20 (two emails, 10 activists each), and 120 on the parent (1 email, 100 activists, plus children).

In this way, you can get a sense of the size and activity of groups in your network. 

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