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Does Action Network have a SQL mirror? What does it do?

Action Network offers a read-only, continuously updated SQL mirror to partners at an additional monthly cost. It contains a full copy of absolutely all of the data we have on any groups you ask us to mirror, such as actions, activists, custom fields, tags, subscription status...everything. (We can mirror groups and their children, if they're in a Network.) The SQL mirror is useful for complex analysis, writing custom dashboards, data warehousing, moving data into other systems via SQL queries, or other database friendly tasks.

Because it is read-only, it's not useful for pushing data into our system, or for sync-type operations. For that, our API is a better choice.

The SQL mirror is available for an extra monthly fee of $200 USD. This covers the cost of hosting a new, isolated database server for your mirror and the upkeep involved in keeping the mirror running.

The SQL mirror is a read-only RedShift copy of your data, running on an isolated database instance through our hosting environment. After it's set up, we will whitelist the IP addresses you want to use to connect to the database and you will receive connection credentials to access your data.

The SQL mirror is continuously updated.

If you're a partner, you can read the documentation for the SQL mirror here. To request a SQL mirror, contact us.



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