Action Network Help & FAQs

Updating or cancelling your recurring donation

If you've signed up for a recurring donation on Action Network, every time a payment is made (say, monthly) you will receive a receipt from the group or individual you donated to.

That receipt will contain details on how much you were charged, as well as a link to update your card, edit your contribute amount or next charge date, or change your billing information. You will also receive a link to cancel your recurring donation (on the update your card page) or instructions on how to cancel (ex: a phone number to call).

If you update your card while your recurring donation is active, we will use the new card next time your donation recurs.

If your recurring charge fails for any reason (say, your card expired), you will receive an email notification from the individual or group letting you know, with a link to update your card and/or cancel.

If you enter a new card when your recurring donation is failing, your card will be charged the donation amount immediately, and be set up to recur automatically in the future.

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