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Creating ticketed events

Choose "Create Ticketed Event" from the "Start Organizing" menu to start creating your ticketed event.

If you haven't set up an account with our payment processors, WePay or Stripe, the first time add a recipient to a ticketed event you'll be asked to do so. The process is described here

Once that's done, fill out the ticketed event's title.

You can next choose whether your ticketed event has an end time, which is optional, and whether your ticketed event takes place at a physical location (good for a gala or concert) or not (good for a webinar).

Choose a date and time by using our easy date picker -- click on the input and then choose a date, then an hour, then the minutes for your ticketed event. You must choose a date and time in the future -- you cannot publish a ticketed event that has already happened. Your time should be local time. Optionally choose an end date if you've decided to give your ticketed event one.

Next, if your ticketed event is in a physical location, add a location name (ex: My House), address, city, state, and ZIP/postal code for your ticketed event (and country, if this is an international event -- click the "Not in the US?" link to access the country selector).

If your ticketed event isn't in a physical location, choose a timezone for your ticketed event instead.

Add optional public contact info so your attendees can call or email you if you'd like, as well as an optional banner image. Add a description and call to action for your ticketed event to get activists to buy tickets.

Next, choose the ticket types available for the event. You can have more than one ticket type (ex: VIP tickets and general admission tickets) and they can be edited, removed, or added to at any time.

Each ticket type must have an amount available (after which the ticket type is sold out an no more tickets of that type can be purchased), a name (ex: "General Admission"), and a cost per ticket in US dollars. Optionally, each ticket type can have a description to further explain it.

Click the "Add Another" button to add another ticket type. Click the "Remove" button to remove one. The first ticket type cannot be removed. 

Optionally, you can add a ticket limit, which limits the total number of tickets an activist can purchase (either in one purchase or separately). If the activist tries to buy more tickets than the limit, they will receive an error telling them they can't purchase that many and to try again, and their card will not be charged.

Then, choose a recipient for your ticketed event funds by clicking the "Add Recipient" button. This is who will receive the money when people purchase tickets. In the top section of the section that opens up, you can add yourself or any groups you are an administrator of. In the bottom section, you can search by name for other individuals or groups that have set up payments on Action Network. Choose who you would like to raise for and click the "Add" button to put them on your page. Only one recipient may be added to ticketed events.

After that, if you are an administrator of a group that's sponsoring this ticketed event page and have the settings permission for that group, you have the option of making email addresses optional for donors using this ticketed event page. Check the box to enable this option.

Donors who buy tickets without an email will be assigned a random, non-working, email address by our system. This email will be unsubscribed from your mailings. This allows you to keep track of these purchasers and report on their purchases even if they don't have an email address.

Scrolling down, you can add in custom form inputs using the visual form builder (explained here) or by writing your own HTML (for example, collecting employer information) and a disclaimer below the form if you'd like.

In the right sidebar, you can choose your goal slider options -- count dollars raised, tickets sold, or remove the slider altogether -- and add any sponsors you would like.

Click "Save and go to next step" and add in instructions that activists will see after they buy tickets. (ex: Formal dress please!) You can also show or hide the sharing options on thank you pages.

When you're ready, publish your ticketed event to make it live and start selling tickets.

If the group set up to receive funds from ticket purchases hasn't been set up in WePay or Stripe yet, you will have to opportunity to set that up. The process is explained here.

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