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Viewing the ticket report and exporting ticket purchase transactions

You can view a report of all tickets purchased in the "Ticket Report" tab on your ticketed event's manage page. Each ticket type will be listed as well as the current purchase price, quantity sold, and total amount raised via that ticket type.

Note that free tickets you've given away will be marked in the ticket report in quantity but not in amount. Similarly, if you've changed the ticket type price, the price will note the current price but the amount will be the total actually raised via that type, including older prices.

To export a list of ticket purchase transactions, click the "Download Complete Ticket Report" button. A report will be compiled and emailed to you when it's ready. The report will contain each ticket purchaser's name, email address, address, city, state, ZIP/postal code, country, source code information, date tickets were purchased, total amount paid (and WePay or Stripe's fee and net amount received), WePay or Stripe's transaction number for the purchase, and the number of each ticket type purchased, as well as the price. 

Optionally you can choose a start or end date and only download tickets in that range, and you can also add additional custom field columns that are not present on the ticketed event itself, to pull additional data into the download.

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