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Integrating with Catalist

If you use Catalist, you can integrate with Action Network.

After integration is set up, Action Network will match activists with Catalist and store their DWID (Catalist's universal identifier) as a custom field on that activist's record.

Setting Up Catalist Integration

To set up the integration, go to your API & Sync page and enter the following in the Catalist section:

  • Your Catalist Client ID
  • Your Catalist Secret
  • A custom field where you want to store DWID

After setup, you can toggle whether matching occurs. Action Network will match activists to Catalist and store DWIDs as a custom field. Activists will be matched once they have at least first name, last name, email, and ZIP code on their record. Catalist matching will occur whenever an activist takes an action, such as signs a petition, is part of an upload, etc...

Note: Catalist meters and charges for API calls. Therefore, using this integration may incur extra charges on your account. You will also need to ask Catalist to whitelist our servers for your API key. You should talk with your Catalist contact before using this integration.


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