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Action Network and GDPR Compliance

Action Network is committed to helping our partners in the EU be GDPR compliant. Please review the below carefully to understand actions you may need to take in order to become compliant.

Action Network has always treated privacy and security very seriously as part of our mission to provide tools to the progressive movement in a way that fits our values. Many of the requirements of GDPR have been part of our processes and procedures from the beginning. There are additional requirements within the GDPR legislation that are new, and as of May 14, 2018 we provide those services to our EU partners.

It’s important to note that while we have done extensive research and our strategy to meet GDPR criteria has been approved by lawyers specializing in data compliance, we are your data processor and cannot provide you legal advice. To achieve GDPR compliance you will need more than the technical changes we will enable, and the data processing addendum we will ask you to sign. We recommend all Action Network partners working in the EU or otherwise subject to GDPR to obtain their own legal council.

Action Network provides the following:

A Data Processing Addendum

  • The Data Processing Addendum (DPA) sets the terms of the relationship between Action Network (the the data processor) and our partners (the data controllers).
  • We have provided DPAs for all Action Network partners working in the EU. If you’d like to request a copy, email us at

GDPR-compliant Email Opt In Consent

  • We provide a GDPR compliant opt-in consent option for all groups on Action Network. If this option is selected in group settings, all Action Network forms/widgets for the group will show a different style of GDPR-compliant opt in instead of our normal pre-checked checkbox.
  • The new opt in option is a required radio button above the action submit button forcing all action takers to select yes or no to be opted in to that group’s list. You can learn more about how to turn it on and what it does here.

The Right to be Forgotten

The Right to Data Portability

  • We provide data exports on requested records for Action Network partners. Requests can be made to

If you have any questions, please email us at 

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