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Does Action Network have webhooks? What do they do and how do I access them?

Action Network has webhooks, which automatically inform remote servers about events happening in Action Network in close to real time. (Think ladders for servers.) Action Network's webhooks are based off a modified version of the OSDI standard using HAL+JSON.

Webhooks are useful for informing other systems when something happens in Action Network. For example, you could have a webhook delivered to another system you use when someone signs a petition or donates to your organization.

You can set up webhooks in the "API & Sync" section of the "Start Organizing" menu, in the left sidebar. To set up a new webhook click the plus button, enter a URL, and choose a trigger condition, then save. You can view the list of your webhooks in the sidebar, send test webhooks, turn them on and off, or delete them.

Webhooks are fully documented in our API documentation available here.

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