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Managing ladders and viewing statistics

The ladder's manage page contains buttons to edit and publish the ladder (if it is in draft) or edit and change the status (if it is published), plus a duplicate button to make a copy of the ladder. If published, you can schedule a ladder to become active, stopped, or closed at a date and time in the future by clicking the schedule link in the sidebar. You can cancel a scheduling afterwards if you would like.

You can view the ladder's overall notes by clicking the notes icon next to its name. The manage page contains the testing section, described here

Underneath that are cumulative ladder statistics, showing the number of activists who've entered and then exited the ladder, as well as the number of activists currently waiting inside the ladder. 

Below that is a representation of your ladder's rungs and steps. You can view each step's notes by hovering over the notes icon next to it. Each wait step has a stats button that when clicked will show you the number of activists currently waiting at that step. Each send an email action step has a stats button that when clicked will show you all of the email statistics for that step's email (opens, clicks, unsubscribes, etc... -- all of the statistics you normally get with our mass email). And each exit will have a count of the number of activists who specifically exited at that exit.

You can also view statistics by day using the date boxes on the left of the statistics section. Choose a start date and/or end date and click update to view the number of activists exited, as well as email statistics, by day. (Wait counts are not displayed by day.) You can leave one side of the range open to view statistics from a certain date forward or a certain date backwards, and you can clear both date boxes and click update to remove date range statistics and view the ladder's cumulative statistics again.

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